About Arika

Creative.  Community.  Connector.  Those are the three best adjectives to best describe me. The order of the words isn’t as important as what they mean. I pride myself on finding CREATIVE ways to reach the COMMUNITY and get information and resources to who matters most: YOU. As a natural CONNECTOR, I find joy in linking people to each other through their interests, needs and motivations. Can you believe I’ve been in media for 16 years! Wowzers! LOL! Thank you for all of your support. And I’ve got your back! Every year, I choose a new charity to help support from proceeds from Costumes & Cocktails. Because of your support, I’ve been able to use this vehicle as a way to serve. Thank you!

Don’t forget….I’m your new midday host on the all new Majic 103.7-St. Louis and the iHeart Radio app from 10a-3p Monday-Saturday.

If we’re not already connected on social media, I’d love to hang with you on all of my channels.


The Korey Johnson Foundation

By now you’ve probably noticed Arika’s ride or die in all of her flyers promoting Costumes & Cocktails. In case you’re wondering, that’s my boyfriend, Korey Johnson. He lets me come up with all of these crazy ideas for costumes and he does them! It’s THE best! He’s also the founder of The Korey Johnson Foundation. His mission is to teach children the importance of philanthropy through giving and receiving. You can learn more about his foundation at http://www.koreyjfoundation.org/.