2017 Charity of Choice:

Notes For LifeNotes for Life Arts & Technology

Mission: Notes For Life Arts & Technology exists to provide innovative lessons in digital and traditional music education to every student, everywhere. Our mission is to empower each participant in a hands-on learning culture which encourages peer to peer collaboration, entrepreneurship, and provides access to cutting-edge technological advancements. Love everything they stand for and how they help bring out attributes in kids that didn't even believe they could do it. The founders, Ronnie and Tiffany Notch are top notch and I am proud to support them in any way I can.

2016 Charity of Choice:

Urban Sprouts

Urban Sprouts Child Development Center

Ellicia Qualls and the entire staff of Urban Sprouts Child Development center take early childhood education seriously. I love how they help strengthen every child's creativity while allowing them to be uniquely individual.

2015 Charity of Choice:


Kwame Foundation

I am an advocate for anyone striving to help our youth. Tony Thompson and his wife founded the Kwame Foundation to support youth and give them resources they may otherwise have access and I appreciate their efforts.